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Igaard.dk is a weddingphotography company from Fuen, the company consists of 2 highly experienced weddings and portrait photographers who know all the details of a wedding. Naturally we also cover Jutland, Zealand, Bornholm, Dubai and the rest of the world.

As a wedding photographer we capture atmospheric moments and make beautiful, unique, intimate and honest wedding pictures that show your love and joy in a beautiful and natural way.

Together with us, you can be yourself - in our optics, the best wedding pictures that you and others who see them can remember the rest of your life.

Some of the best wedding photos are often not planned, but occur spontaneously, because you as weddong couple "bubbles" of joy on the day and everyone present on your big day is in a good mood.

We work seriously, professionally and creatively with your wedding pictures, in respect of your big day, and from the agreements we have made before the wedding. When we are going to photograph for a wedding, we start listening to you. We would like to hear your own ideas and dreams.
In addition, we can add our angles, and together we create the best. We are discreetly present; watching big and small events, capturing the mood, and falling cozy in the day - exactly as a wedding photographer should be To have the pleasure of presenting you as newly married couple, in the form of pictures, we take great honor and a great job in we love being wedding photographers. We know that the wedding pictures will be memories of life.
We like to create a mix between traditional, fun and / or crooked wedding pictures.

If you choose to book us as a wedding photographer to cover your wedding, you know that your needs and wishes are understood; that there is knowledge of the course of a wedding that attention will be paid to the big and small things to be remembered afterwards and that the result will be amazing because the picture quality is always on a high level.

The taking of pictures of the event should not be left to the first and best in the family nor a friend, although they may easily create beautiful pictures. It is in our optics just so that a photographing guest does not have time to enjoy your wedding and thus does not get as good a day as the other guests. When the day is over, and the party is paid, after all, the pictures are the best way to remember it all.
It is among other things Therefore, you should book us as your wedding photographers.

Kind regards, Tina & Jan

Contact us at

foto@igaard.dk or Office number +45 3056 4057 (no txt please)