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When our teenagers become a student, it is of course a big event in the life of the young and the family. Such an event must of course be preceded - and it deserves to be done professionally.
At igaard.dk you can get a portrait photo that reflects the special day of the special day in the best way.

Portrait of the student

Get one of the most talented photographers in Funen to take the student portrait of the family's proud student. The image of a young person wearing the long-awaited student hat should reflect both pride, joy, good energy and a person with high expectations for adulthood.
This photo must be central to the family album and maybe hang on the wall for the rest of your life. Therefore, the portrait must be perfect. It deserves the student. Professional photography will take the picture in the right lighting, the right location and from the right angle. The image is being refined and required so that one ends with reflecting the young person as naturally as possible.
A high-quality paper photo or canvas prints are much higher than many photo shots that are stored digitally.

Other pictures than portraits

At a family party, as a student guild is often, it makes sense to have several professional pictures of the party. It can strengthen the main character and the rest of the family's memory in relation to the festive day. Should the guests, the church, the table, the presents and so on also be saved in the form of good pictures or maybe a video, you can also surely leave this assignment to igaard.dk.
Student photography does not necessarily have to be portraits of the happy student, it can also be all and all around the student. The milestone that a student's degree is for the student's house owner should be taken good pictures of. It only happens once.
But of course, the student must be photographed, and of course some fantastic and professional student portraits will be taken.
Becoming a student is such a big event for the young person - and for the whole family, that of course it must be done in the very best.

The eternal picture

The proud student and his/hers equally proud family deserve to have a series of good pictures from the big day.
There will probably be a sea of pictures just that day, but the pictures must be different from the crowd, so they must be of really good quality. They must be taken by a professional photographer who understands to make the protagonist radiate all that it feels for the sake of the well-deserved hat.
The student portrait is one that either must hang on the wall or stand in the rack for years or taken in the album and considered for as many years to come. Therefore, it should be a picture that is required for, which lets the student be the best version of himself.

Hire a photographer

It is worth all the money to hire a professional photographer from igaard.dk when the big events of life are to be saved. Send bids to the photographer and make a good deal about where, when and how you want these pictures taken. We cover not only Odense, we cover all “Fyn”, and the whole Jutland and Zealand.
If you get a professional photographer to take the good pictures or the well-cut video of family anniversaries, you'll really appreciate it for years to come, where you can relive and enjoy this festive and solemn day.
Milestones on the road of life must be highlighted and stored - not only in the heart but also on high-quality photo paper.

Student pictures on Funen

When the family's hopeful young man or woman has finally got the student's head on his/hers head, then it is necessary to take pictures of it. There will probably be a sea of pictures on such a special day, but just because it's such a big anniversary, everyone deserves that some professional pictures are taken. Igaard.dk covers all of Funen and surrounding areas and of course also Aarhus, Kolding, Fredericia, Vejle, Roskilde, Ringsted, Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark, and we never compromise on the quality of our photo work.

Student portrait

The happy student and his or her proud parents deserve the very best portraits of today's main character. Let igaard.dk do that, so you get the good natural images taken with professional photo equipment in the right environment and have the right finishing touches.
It is worth sacrificing on the big day. Keep in mind that these paper images should be carefully watched for generations to come. You only become a student once.

Student Photography

It requires professionalism to capture a perfect portrait photo.
Of course, that also applies when it comes to the right student picture. The main character of the day deserves to be confessed with the long-awaited student hat.
This picture should just be spot on, and it should reflect the owner's mixed mood of young expectation. We are specially trained in professional portrait photography so that you can leave the photo assignment to igaard.dk. Then you can be sure that the delivered images are amazing.
See also what the company can provide of other services, like a student video. Just make a good deal with us.
When celebrating the big anniversary of the family, make sure to take some professional pictures of the events. It can´t be done again. As you know, pictures say more than 1000 words. Therefore, it's important to let the pictures get the word.
Let us take care of the photo shooting of the best pictures of the happy owner of the student's hat. It is so well deserved.

We are nationwide - Contact us at tel.:+45 3056 4057 (no txt please) or by mail foto@igaard.dk

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