Professional portraits of company employees.

It creates very great value to display images of the company's employees on the website, the distance from the customer to the company and its employees becomes significantly smaller, it is always nice to put a face on the person you are talking on the phone with or going out and meet with the company, it creates trust.

Customer first impressions of employees are very important for businesses; therefore, portrait photography of company employees should be on the website, business cards, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. performed by us.

We create great authentic portraits, capture awesome fashion pictures, make product images and reportage photos if the company has an event or similar.
Far from all the staff members, feel safe to get a pictures taken, but I talk to everyone and thus create an informal mood, so the photography will be a good experience, as seen on the finished results.

In preparation for the actual day of photography, we are talking about style, location, possibly. clothes choices, etc., details must be in place before the photo tour, so we do not have to waste a lot of time on the day, focusing on creating a lot of lovely pictures of all the beautiful employees.

It requires only a room at min. 4 x 6 meter free floor space, which must be 220V, I come with my mobile studio consisting of flash systems and background, this ensures uniformity on the pictures, it is also possible to use a part of the company as a background, the way I do Business portraits on the fact that the background becomes soiled or little according to your wishes.

All images are after gently retouching delivered digitally on USB or via download link in 4 formats, 1 black and white edition and 1 full color version, each delivered in both print and web friendly quality.

VWe solve many types of business photo tasks here in among, business portraits, product photography, business profiles, corporate presentation on video recorded with both professional camcorder and drone video

We are nationwide - Contact us at tel.:+45 3056 4057 (no txt please) or by mail foto@igaard.dk

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